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Payroll & HR

Payroll Processing

Many clients use our outsourced payroll service, and with that experience we can deal with any size of organisation on our in-house employee resource planning system. Our largest customer right now is approaching 300 employees, and still growing. Cost is £3 per payslip, with a minimum charge for very small payrolls. If you would like a quote for our services, please contact us.

Our payroll system can also be installed on your server, allowing access to the information you want to see, but leaving Techiona to deal with processing. Employees can also log into Greentree's web-based eHR system if they wish to view their pay slip history, or check their entitled leave.

HR Management

HR is a now a complex area, and has never been more critical to running your business efficiently. When there is an HR issue in your company (e.g. an accident) having well-kept records is of paramount importance: What happened? Who were the people involved? How was the situation resolved? Techiona's HR records allow detailed information to be held against the employee records, along with any attachments of important documents. For example, CV's; passports; driving licences; qualification certificates etc. can all be scanned and attached to employee records for easy access.

In addition, the online 'eHR' system gives employees access to their own records and attachments via any web browser. Any changes to be made, e.g. for address or bank details, can be done so by the employee. The short video to the right gives an overview of the many features of eHR, which becomes even more powerful if you decide to install the full Greentree system for your company.

Video : Web-based eHR system allows 24/7 access to HR records by staff.

Download the HR Management brochure for further details of what we provide