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Greentree Overview

Greentree is a complete and fully integrated ERP system with the power to transform your business. Our supporter - Caletech, as a Greentree partner, over the years, have worked closely with many companies in Europe and North America with outstanding results in several business sectors.

"I love Greentree, it's the best software I've seen in my 30-year career."
- Steve Stanick, C&D Production Specialists, Louisiana.

No matter your needs or the size of your business, Greentree's extensive product suite has something for everyone. Unlike many other systems, Greentree takes a modular approach : Switch on only what's needed, and mould the system to suit you. Then when you expand, so does Greentree. For detailed information on all of the fully-integrated modules available, and how they fit together, visit the Greentree Gateway. Or download the free Product Brochure.

With such a wealth of options, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where we come in...

At Techiona we cooperate with Caletech that offer a full installation, training, and support service to get Greentree working for you as quickly as possible. To arrange a product demonstration, or simply to discuss your options with us, call or submit any queries here.

But it gets better. With the release of Greentree4, this is an especially exciting time for us, and for you. This new release is more than just another update, but a massive leap forward in business management software. Imagine all the functionality and power of a desktop system, but online! Accessible from any web browser, including tablets and smartphones, Greentree4 gives you access to what you need wherever you are. Not just a watered down online-only version, but the whole thing. This, plus all-new screen customisation tools, makes Greentree4 the most advanced ERP system yet.

Watch the short video below to see some of Greentree4's new features in action.

Video : Andrew Lynch, Head of User Design at Greentree gives a brief overview of the new Greentree4 Browser Client.